The machine is use for two completely different applications:
- making standard-sized stock bricks from a soil-cement mixture
- moulding stock bricks from clay for firing in a kiln.

The machine works in the same was as the Terrabric Machine: a long lever compresses the mix or clay in two cavities under a pressure that expells the great majority of the air. The pressure can reach 5.5 Mpa (about 15 tons).

The brick size is 230mm x 108mm x 76mm

The cycle time is longer than with the Terrabric Machine (which has a minimum of 25 seconds per cycle) as it takes longer to fill the two cavities evenly. Even with skilled operators, 45 seconds seems to be the minimum time for filling-compressing-ejecting.

An output of 200 bricks per person per day is reasonable. With 5-7 people it is possible to reach the limit of 45 seconds per cycle. A realistic 6 productive hours per day yields about 1000 bricks.

Terrabric Machine 2-Up -- (2 x 230x108x75mm solid soil-cement frogged bricks)call
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Compressed bricks, ready to be ejected and refilled:
Two brick
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