New Dawn Engineering's Glass Crusher is actually a slightly modified Rock Crusher (see "Rock Crusher" from the Products Section).

It is designed to get recycled glass bottles, panes and junk down to 19mm in size for efficient transport by rail or truck. The volume is greatly reduced if it is crushed before shipment. As transport is a significant cost in recycling, the Glass Crusher is an important addition to regional collection programs.

Ease of use

Though glass is quite heavy, and the work of crushing it is very light - a child can easily turn the handle. School programs collecting glass can crush it into containers for transport. Public programs can pay out cash based on the weight of glass crushed by the collector.


This has not been well documented (September 1997) but initial tests indicate a throughput of about 1 ton per day. Claiming 1/2 a ton is more in line with our usual modest claims (we don't like anyone to be disappointed) so this figure will be updated when actual data comes in from Swaziland's glass collection campaign which is about to start. Keep in mind that a 1.2 litre Coke bottle weighs more than 1 Kg so it is easy to process 2 in less than a minute.


Glass is worth R300 per ton at the factory in Germiston (Consol Ltd). They deduct the cost of transport from the amount paid for the glass. They will pay R240 per ton in Swaziland or Pietersburg as it costs about R60 per ton to move it by rail to Johannesburg. Crushing the glass is important if it is to come from the outlying areas otherwise the deduction for transport is higher.

Rock Crusher -- 150 x 150mm (hand-turned flywheel, makes: 8mm to 35mm stone)call
Rock Crusher -- 150 x 150mm Double flywheel (makes: 8mm to 35mm stone)call
Rock Crusher -- (electric) 380 VAC 3-Phasecall
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