This machine is designed for grinding oily peanuts into peanut butter or low oil peanuts into peanut powder.

It is electrically powered by a high starting-torque motor.

Voltage: 230 VAC, single phase
Power: 1500 watts
Motor: Twin capacitor induction motor
Capacity: Approximately 25-35 kg of peanut butter per hour or 75-100 kg of peanut powder per hour. This depends on the fineness of the grind. The coarser the grind, the faster the throughput.

Peanut butter making also requires that the peanuts be roasted lightly before grinding - about 20 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius. They can alternatively be boiled in peanut oil. Roasting equipment is not available from New Dawn Engineering at this time.

Method of operation: The peanuts are broken by a shaped shaft and then advanced towards grinding plates with a coarse screw. The grinding plates are shaped to either macerate the peanuts into a 'butter' or to grind them into a powder. To make peanut powder, one must have a nut with a low oil content and it must be properly dried it else it sticks together.

Adjustment: The gap between the two grinding plates can be adjusted from zero to 5mm allowing for a wide variety of 'grinds' to be made.

Peanut Butter Maker, 30 Kg per hour, single phase electric with standcall
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Movie of peanut butter grinding here (682 KB)

Movie of peanut powder grinding here (781 KB)

Electric Peanut Grinder:

Delicious and popular, peanut butter is a profitable product with a lower health risk than many foods in an unrefrigerated environment:

Grinding plates for Peanut Powder:

Grinding plates for Peanut Butter:

The fineness of the grind can be adjusted:

Side view with the nylon shroud in place:

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