Netwire, also known as Jackal Proofing or Pig Wire, is an inexpensive fence widely used to keep small animals out of gardens or inside corrals. It is also used for reinforcement in the walls of various low-cost housing technologies.

Made from wood with 4 tools, the Netwire Board makes a large type of hexagonal aperture chicken wire at a rate of about 20 metres per day. Thousands are in use in the Eastern Province of South Africa, many made locally by carpenters with the available materials.

The equipment is portable. Netwire Boards come in either a 1.2 m or 1.8 m length. It uses 1.6 mm wire (16 gauge) and makes a wire netting with hexagonal holes of 104 mm x 135 mm. An average worker (man or woman) can produce fencing at a rate of 20 metres per day on a 1.2 metre board.
Netwire Board:
Netwire board
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