New Dawn Engineering's Diamond Stucco Mesh Maker® is manually operated by one person. It has a 7:1 belt drive which spins the blade at speeds up to 1000 RPM. The semi-automatic fence advance mechanism that can work with diamonds down to 12mm in size. It makes a small version of standard diamond mesh fencing with hole sizes from 12 to 25mm. The most common size is 14mm (10.7mm giraffe). It can use wire from 0.9 to 1.2mm in the smaller sizes and up to 2mm for the larger holes (i.e. 22mm and 25mm).

The maximum height of fence is 1.850 metres and the length unlimited. It has a fence winding mechanism attached to the machine to roll it up as well as a wire unwinder. It has a 7-roller micro-adjustable tensioner. One person can produce about 50 square metres of Stucco Mesh® per day (figures from a Johannesburg producer) of 14mm (1/2") aperture fence that is 1.82 metres wide and made from 0.9mm wire. Expert instruction is available on site to train staff in the setting up of the machine.

Also available:
  • 12 mm conversion kit
  • 14 mm conversion kit
  • 19 mm conversion kit
  • 22 mm conversion kit
  • 25 mm conversion kit

Three-legged Wire payoff stand for general usecall
Folding Wire feeder, vertical draw (for unattended wire feeding)call
Diamond Stucco Mesh Maker - 14mm / 19mm / 22 mm or 25mm + 1 wire standcall
Diamond Stucco Mesh Maker - conversion kitcall
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Diamond Stucco Mesh®, shown is 14mm (1/2 inch) aperture fence made from 0.9mm galvanized wire:
14mm stucco mesh

The main operating mechanism of a Diamond Mesh or Diamond Stucco Mesh Maker® is the Giraffe. New Dawn Engineering makes numerous aperture sizes from 10mm to 76mm:
Two giraffe sizes

End view of the manual drive system:
Manual drive system
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