The Roof Tile Maker is a simple, hand operated method of making strong sand-cement roof tiles with a conventional and therefore highly desirable shape. They can be made to pass both SABS and CSIR specifications with a superior wire tie-down at the front (lower) edge to hold on tight in high wind conditions.

Using a well-chosen sand, you mix it 3:1 with OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) to make about 75 first class tiles. They can be coloured with oxides or by painting the whole tile (by dipping it). Spectacular architectural effects can also be made with individual colouring by dusting the top of the tile unevenly with oxides before the final stroke with the shaping tool.

Typical Installation will have the following equipment

1 - Roof Tile Maker with Hand Tool
400 - Moulds (400 used once per day)
1 - 4.5 mm Sand Screen (sieve)
2 - Spades
1 - Wheelbarrow
1 - Watering can and drum or else some other means of water-curing the tiles

Optional Equipment

Used to study the sand grain size profile or "fineness modulus" which is how you get the maximum strength:

There are 6 Sand screen sizes: 75, 150, 300, 600 microns and 1.180mm and 1.340mm

1 Lid and Receiver
1 x 400 Gram Electronic scale
1 x Technical Information Sheet

Equipment Packages

Stand-alone machine with 175 moulds (extra moulds can be added later).

Bench-top machine with 50 moulds (minumum required to start).

Technical Specifications of the NDE Roof Tile Maker

Overall Dimensions of the a tile:
Width 230mm x Length 390mm x Thickness 22mm

Coverage per Tile:
Width 200mm x Length 310 to 325mm depending on slope x Overlap 65 to 80mm depending on slope

Average tiles/sq M: 16/sq M
(It is 15.4/sq M per 65mm overlap)

Mass per tile: 2.63 Kg approx.
Mass per sq M: 40 Kg/sq M

Cement content per tile is 660g (at a 1:3 mix) use O.P.C. when available

Tiles per pocket of Cement is 75 on average.

Production Costs/Tile (prices subject to change without notice)

Cement per tile R18/pocket is R0.24
Sand cost @ R30/ton is R0.08
Depreciation of the Tile Moulds + Hand Tool + Roof Tile Maker is R0.07

Sub-total is R0.39/tile

If a 1.6mm tie-down wire is inserted into the tile, add R0.05 to the price of a tile.

Tile with wire tie-down is R0.44
Materials cost @ 16 tiles per sq M is R7.04

Labour cost for 2 workers @ R20/day each

Total Costs @ 400 tiles/day:
Estimated production cost is R0.10/day/tile
Labour + cement + sand is R0.54 without wire/tile
Labour + cement + sand is R0.59 with wire/tile

Total Costs @ 200 tiles/day:
Estimated production cost is R0.20/day/tile
Labour + cement + sand is R0.64 without wire/tile
Labour + cement + sand is R0.69 with wire/tile

At this time production rates are based on 400 tiles per day per station. Highly skilled workers can make more than 600 per day, novices less than 100, so 200 is reasonable, 400 is good.

A small amount of oil is used per day to coat the moulds. Old engine oil is acceptable. It is wiped on with a rag, then the moulds are left to stand on edge in the mould bin to drain.

Roof Tile Maker -- (Bench Top Model) Machine + Hand Toolcall
Roof Tile Maker -- Hand Tool onlycall
Roof Tile Maker -- (Floor Model) Machine + Hand Toolcall
Roof Tile Moulds -- Size 390x230x22mm galvanized steel mould (each)call
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Spreading 1:3 sand-cement mixture:
Sand mixture

Forming the top profile of the roof tile with the hand tool:
Forming top profile

Ejecting the finished tile and mould:

Finished dried tile:

Roof Tile Pin Setting Instructions:
How to set the mould rest pin and ejector pin heights.

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