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00 Cut galv sheet 10 x 24 cm.jpg    image/jpeg    78186    Jan/26/2012 06:05 AM   
01 Roll the sheet around a pipe.jpg    image/jpeg    55019    Jan/26/2012 06:05 AM   
02 Hold the roll at 6 cm diameter.jpg    image/jpeg    89365    Jan/26/2012 06:05 AM   
03 Make two cuts through the overlapped section.jpg    image/jpeg    71752    Jan/26/2012 06:05 AM   
04 Bend the tabs over and press flat.jpg    image/jpeg    57571    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
05 Make a tab at both ends.jpg    image/jpeg    64377    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
06 Empty traditional stove.jpg    image/jpeg    74002    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
07 Add a sheet metal shelf just inside the door.jpg    image/jpeg    155264    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
08 The grate is placed on the floor - the metal under the chimney end of the grate has been removed.jpg    image/jpeg    84885    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
09 Make a stiff paste with clay and water.jpg    image/jpeg    88261    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
10 Mix well using a stick or spoon.jpg    image/jpeg    76607    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
11 Mix 5 to 10 litres of clay.jpg    image/jpeg    96781    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
12 Find some whole and broken bricks.jpg    image/jpeg    60700    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
13 Use a stick to put some sticky clay on the first brick.jpg    image/jpeg    85555    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
14 Place the brick on the floor and press into the corner.jpg    image/jpeg    108367    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
15 The clay squeezes out making a perfect joint.jpg    image/jpeg    100910    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
16 Place a second brick against the first.jpg    image/jpeg    135379    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
17 Fill the space with pieces of brick and clay.jpg    image/jpeg    128673    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
18 Place more bricks and pieces across the back.jpg    image/jpeg    118465    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
19 Put a brick against the first one in the corner.jpg    image/jpeg    100989    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
20 Place a half brick in the corner leaving access to the hole at the back.jpg    image/jpeg    113987    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
21 Put a lot of clay in front of the exit hole.jpg    image/jpeg    95554    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
22 Place the metal tube into position and cover with clay.jpg    image/jpeg    99985    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
23 The tube is not at the top of the chamber.jpg    image/jpeg    115145    Jan/26/2012 06:06 AM   
24 The tube is completely sealed and is now the only exit for gases.jpg    image/jpeg    131053    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
25 Cut the upper level bricks so they do not protrude into the space needed by the lip of the lid.jpg    image/jpeg    97308    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
26 Smooth the clay right up to the stove top.jpg    image/jpeg    92288    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
27 Put clay under the brick as well as at the end and press into place.jpg    image/jpeg    156461    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
28 Place a half brick in the corner - it can be used to hold the metal shelf in place.jpg    image/jpeg    82264    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
29 Fill in the upper portion keeping the top flush with the hole (arrow).jpg    image/jpeg    91045    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
30 Push a half brick into the last corner.jpg    image/jpeg    92412    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
31 With the last corner finished, fill in the rest with broken bricks and clay.jpg    image/jpeg    111542    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
32 Cut a brick to fit in front of the door creating a sill.jpg    image/jpeg    70304    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
33 Smooth the clay over the brick and into the fuel loading area.jpg    image/jpeg    125281    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
34 View from the front with the fuel loading door open.jpg    image/jpeg    72435    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
35 View from the top with the fuel loading door closed.jpg    image/jpeg    86591    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
36 View of the completed stove.jpg    image/jpeg    88400    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
37 The width of the combustion chamber can be made narrower by adding another brick, one layer high only.jpg    image/jpeg    106539    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
38 The width can be reduced on both sides. This reduces the power rating of the stove..jpg    image/jpeg    118930    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
39 Three lines of bricks can be added to reduce heating power.jpg    image/jpeg    106324    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
40 Two bricks added to create a space for coal 16 cm wide.jpg    image/jpeg    101117    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
41 View of the added bricks through the fuel loading door.jpg    image/jpeg    111014    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM   
42 Completed stove with the lild in place.jpg    image/jpeg    83918    Jan/26/2012 06:07 AM