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Product Description Weight (kg) *Price (Rands) *Incl. RSA VAT *Export US$
Barbed Wire maker -- (2.5 x 2.0mm maximum) + 2 wire stands and 1 winder unitview100kgcall
Basintuthu Baking Stove, 2-pot wood stove with 315x400x200mm ovenview38kgcall
Bread Baking Oven - all stainless steel - 16 loaves, 230 Volt, 13 ampsview80kgcall
Bread Oven Stand, 400mm highview13kgcall
Bread Proving Oven - all stainless steel - 16 loaves, 230 Volt, 3 ampsview80kgcall
Chicken Wire Jig -- (30mm x 30mm x1.8 metre square mesh jig) + 1 wire standview45kgcall
Coat Hanger Tools -- (400mm plain & skirt hangers) up to 2.5mm wireview6kgcall
Coat Hanger Tools -- (400mm plain & skirt hangers) up to 4.0mm wireview6kgcall
Concrete Mixer -- (140 litre drum, 65 litre capacity - hand operated)view112kgcall
Conversion Kit to change hole size: 76mm, 63mm, 51mm, 45mm, 40mm
Includes 1 Giraffe + blade of size: 76mm / 63mm / 51mm / 45mm or 40mm
Cookie Sheets (Set of 2 trays) for Bread Oven, Oven accepts 2 sets at a timeview7kgcall
Cooking Oil Press -- (Manual, professional quality, 1 or 2 operator, Sunflower seed. Also available for Sesame seed, Canola and Linseed.)view100kgcall
Diamond Mesh Maker -- Mod 2 (Single Wire/manual feed) + 1 wire feederview175kgcall
Diamond Mesh Maker -- Mod 2E (Single/Electric) + 1 wire feederview200kgcall
Diamond Mesh Maker -- Mod 2SA (Single/semi-auto feed) + 1 wire feederview200kgcall
Diamond Mesh Maker -- Mod 3SA (Semi-auto feed) + 1 wire feederview240kgcall
Diamond Mesh Maker -- Mod 3SAE (Single Wire/electric) + 1 wire feederview300kgcall
Diamond Stucco Mesh Maker - 14mm / 19mm / 22 mm or 25mm + 1 wire standview120kgcall
Diamond Stucco Mesh Maker - conversion kitview1kgcall
Folding Wire feeder, vertical draw (for unattended wire feeding)view10kgcall
Marula Oil Pressview130kgcall
Paper Brick Maker -- (230x90mm fuel brick) makes fuel out of waste paperview6kgcall
Peanut Butter Maker, 30 Kg per hour, single phase electric with standview45kgcall
Rock Crusher -- (electric) 380 VAC 3-Phaseview320kgcall
Rock Crusher -- 150 x 150mm (hand-turned flywheel, makes: 8mm to 35mm stone)view240kgcall
Rock Crusher -- 150 x 150mm Double flywheel (makes: 8mm to 35mm stone)view240kgcall
Roof Tile Maker -- (Bench Top Model) Machine + Hand Toolview30kgcall
Roof Tile Maker -- (Floor Model) Machine + Hand Toolview110kgcall
Roof Tile Maker -- Hand Tool onlyview6kgcall
Roof Tile Moulds -- Size 390x230x22mm galvanized steel mould (each)view1kgcall
Square Mesh Jig -- (1.8 Metre Jig) 56x56 / 76x76 / 100x115mm + 1 wire feederview35kgcall
Square Mesh Jig Table (steel) -- (fits all 1.8m Square Mesh Jigs)view65kgcall
Terrabric Machine 2 -- (290x154x115mm) matches old models in the E. Capeview80kgcall
Terrabric Machine 2-Up -- (2 x 230x108x75mm solid soil-cement frogged bricks)view100kgcall
Terrabric Machine 2B -- (290x154x108mm solid soil-cement brick)view80kgcall
Terrabric Machine 2C -- (320x154x108mm solid soil-cement brick)view80kgcall
Three-legged Wire payoff stand for general useview0kgcall
Tipping Trailer - low speed (35 kph) - 3-tonne, manual (no hydraulics) low lift-over heightview830kgcall
Treadle Pump 102 or 82mm Foot powered suction/pressure pumpview35kgcall
Vesto Stove complete with braai plate and stand, single burner fuel-efficient stove for 1 potview7kgcall
Vesto Stove, single burner fuel-efficient stove for 1 potview5kgcall
*Uncrated export price. Prices do not include transportation or crating costs.

Due to our on-going research and development activities, technical specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

Certain equipment, processes and trade marks are protected by the 'Intellectual Property Law'. Diamond Mesh™ and Diamond Stucco Mesh™ are registered trade marks licenced to New Dawn Engineering. All rights reserved.

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