The Barbed Wire Maker is pedal-powered and requires little skill and training.

There is a small cutter attached to the tray for pre-cutting the barbs.

The machine is portable and has few moving parts which allows it to be virtually maintenance free.

It uses up to 2.5 mm plain galvanized wire for the line wires and up to 2.0 mm wire for the barbs. The line wires and barbs can be the same size but it requires a bit more skill to operate.

It can be operated by a team of one sighted and one blind person.

Two workers, one cutting the barbs and advancing the barbed wire strands and the other sitting making the barbed wire, can make about 150 metres of standard IOWA barbed wire in one hour.

Wire Consumption

The most common size of barbed wire is 2.5 x 2mm. This uses 7.5kg of 2mm wire and 42.5kg of 2.5mm wire per 500+ metre 50kg roll.

Thinner wires can use slightly shorter barbs which can be adjusted by bending the plate or putting a spacer onto its face to reduce the barb length.

Barbed Wire maker -- (2.5 x 2.0mm maximum) + 2 wire stands and 1 winder unitcall
Three-legged Wire payoff stand for general usecall
Folding Wire feeder, vertical draw (for unattended wire feeding)call
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Barber Wire Maker:
Barbed wire maker

Winder Stand:
Winder stand

Winder Bobbin: Winder bobbin

Winder Shaft:
Winder shaft


Wire Unwinders:
Wire unwinders

Barb Cutting:
Barb cutting

Insert the barbs:
Insert the barbs

Pedal to turn the spinner:
Pedal to turn spinner

Advance the Barb:
Advance the barb

Wind the barbed wire:
Wind the barbed wire

Overview of a working production line:
Working production line

Barbed Wire Maker Instruction Books:

Acrobat Reader PDF here (583 KB)
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