The Coat Hanger Jig. Is a low-cost design innovation that makes wire coathangers. It consists of a hardened steel necking and hook rolling tool and a base with pins sticking up. The jig is simple and easy to use - the production rate is typically 300-500 per day, with a 700 unit maximum for one person (from experience in South Africa). You can use 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm wire. Models using 3.15 mm wire are available. From 50 kg of 2.0 mm wire you can make 1830 coat hangers, or 1150 using 50 Kg of 2.5 mm wire. You can make two kinds of standard 400 mm wide coat hangers or a skirt hanger using the same jig.

Coat Hangers can be made from plain, galvanized, plastic coated or varnished wire.  Approximately 1150 can be made from 50 Kg of 2.5 mm galvanized wire. Approximately 1830 can be made from 50 Kg of 2.0 mm galvanized wire.

Coat Hanger Tools -- (400mm plain & skirt hangers) up to 2.5mm wirecall
Coat Hanger Tools -- (400mm plain & skirt hangers) up to 4.0mm wirecall
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Bending wire to fit jig:
Bending wire to fit jig

Getting handle ready to twist wires:
Twist wires

Twisted wires:
Twisted wires

Using handle to make hook:
Making hook

Using finger to bend hook back:
Finger bending hook

Finished coat hanger:
Finished coat hanger
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