This uniquely designed equipment makes a employment-intensive replacement for diamond mesh fencing. It is a productive, rugged, low-priced machine with a capital repayment period of about one week.

The wire is passed over a series of steel strips to make a zig-zag piece of fence. These are then slipped together to form an ever-longer roll of fence. The height and length of the roll is unlimited. All corners against which the wire passes are made from heat-treated carbon steel for maximum life and the jig comes with a wire cutter mounted at one end. The jigs come in three hole sizes, 56 mm, 76 mm or 100 mm, and can use any wire size up to 4.0 mm. Square Mesh fencing is made with square holes oriented horizontally rather than at an angle. Two people can make about 75 square metres of 76 mm mesh per day. Goats can be controlled with a 100 x 115 mm hole fence 1 metre high. This is significantly less expensive than diamond mesh.

Square Mesh Jig -- (1.8 Metre Jig) 56x56 / 76x76 / 100x115mm + 1 wire feedercall
Square Mesh Jig Table (steel) -- (fits all 1.8m Square Mesh Jigs)call
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